In addition to writing many books on the subject of statistics, Jagdish Rustagi was an avid memoirist. He has written many personal stories in both English and Hindi, and some of his autobiographical stories can be found in his books Sikri to Sunnyvale, My Life's Journey, his 2007 autobiography, and Reflections on Life, a collection of essays.

"It is very important for a human being to find the right moral and ethical path in his childhood so that the foundation for a good life is laid. I am fortunate that with exposure to Jain philosophy and introduction to Arya Kumar Sabha and Arya Samaj I developed some strong moral and ethical values. These principles of life helped me in leading an ideal life. I also made very close friends in my early childhood who supported me throughout life. These early incidents were major contributing factors to whatever success I was able to achieve in later life."
"It was during the mid-forties that I was able to attend Gandhi's prayer meetings... He started big prayer meetings in Delhi Ram Lila Grounds, where I attended a few. Gandhi's prayer meetings always started with readings from religious books of Hindus, Christians, and Muslims... I am fortunate to have listened to him in person and later, I was able to utilize his teachings on nonviolence and satyagrah in my own life. Gandhi always popularized village industries and hand-spun and hand-woven clothes, called khadi. I started wearing khadi clothes during my college days and continued wearing them until India became independent in 1947."
"Fire seems to be the most powerful force in the universe... It seems that the Hindu sages wanted to worship this aspect of nature at each stage of human development... One ends almost every oblation into fire with the words idanna mumma - "not for me" - and this repetition instills in us the sense of sacrifice and selflessness."
Jagdish S. Rustagi attending the 2012 Chhotey Lal and Mohra Devi Rustagi Memorial Lecture at Ohio State University

Jagdish S. Rustagi attending the 2012 Chhotey Lal and Mohra Devi Rustagi Memorial Lecture at Ohio State University

"I endowed a lecture series in the name of my parents in 1987 at the Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University. The Chhotey Lal and Mohra Devi Rustagi Memorial Lecture is given each year around the month of May by a distinguished statistician."
"Kamla's sweet temperament and amiable nature were instrumental in making many friends [in Pittsburgh]... She also took some academic courses at the University of Cincinnati as well as at The Ohio State University whenever she had time... [S]he was an active social manager and could arrange parties at a short notice without my help... It is well said that behind a successful man, there is always a woman."
"Life in a village in India is quite simple. There are no attractions of a city like cars, cinemas, and shopping centers... Sometimes, the domestic animals like cows, goats, and bullocks share the living quarters. The social structure in a village tends to be more inclusive as each one depends on the other for daily needs... I am fortunate that I was born in a village and my early childhood was spent there."
"To have happy golden years, one has to remain busy and that we try to be. I would like to end this story with a poem by Bill Carr, titled "Too Busy."

Too Busy

My body may age, but my mind will stay young.

I've much left to do, many songs to be sung.

Many roads to be traveled, much love to express.

I will do what I can, to help brighten your day.

I will spread cheer and love, as I pass your way.

The world is my oyster, to have and to hold.

Why, I'm really too busy, to ever grow old."